The Jomiluti Story

Josephine O’Hagan has had a life-long passion for horses and the outdoor life. Josephine has enjoyed competing from an early age through all levels of eventing. After she completed school she trained as a riding instructor and holds an Irish Certificate in Equestrian Science. Josephine and her family are involved in many aspects of the equestrian industry including racing, eventing and pony clubs. Josephine is also a qualified registered nurse and a qualified midwife. In 1988 a retail business was created to service a need for high-quality equestrian supplies. This was the beginning of the Tipperary Tack Company.


All of this leads to the ultimate performance wear. Jomiluti. If you are interested in stocking or distributing any of our clothing range please don’t hesitate to contact us at Info@Jomiluti.Com